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Bunmi Jembola

Sales Master Class is facilitated by Bunmi Jembola Nigeria’s best followed Sales Coach and Trainer with over 20,000 followers on LinkedIn. Bunmi has had over a decade experience in B2B and B2C sales cutting across four industries including banking, FMCG, I.T. and Consulting.

In his decade-long sales career Bunmi made over N12Billion in gross sale value winning some of the most profitable accounts in the organizations where he worked. Bunmi is the CEO of Sales Ruby and founder of Africa’s biggest community of sales professionals Sales Ruby. Bunmi shares 7hours of actionable sales strategy taken with good food... at every SMC

Turbo-charge your Sales Year With Actionable Sales Strategies For 2018

March 31

Here are the things you will learn:

  • Ideal & Average Customer Profiling- Understanding your personae
  • Inside Sales- The new approach
  • Over the phone outreach- Practical coaching for effective tele-sales
  • Effective Cold Calling- What makes it work
  • Email Marketing- EMS alternatives and practical use
  • Email Pitching- How to send copies that sell
  • LinkedIn strategies- Outreach, Positioning, Leads Generation
  • Sales Ops Development & Critical Data Analytics
  • Warm Selling Online across multiple channels
  • Understanding Online Sales Cycle
  • Email Automation
  • CRM Optimization • How to Sell to C-Suites- Breaking Through The Clutter
  • B2B Sales trend for 2018
  • Premium Value Selling- How to consistently sell at profitable margins
  • Closing every deal- The art of closing
  • NLP for salesmen- Sales is mostly a mind game. NLP will help you understand the mind of the buyer
  • The Sales Mastermind
  • Managing Your Sales Objections
  • Sales Leadership- For Sales team leads
  • Complex Sale- Selling to large organizations with multiple decision makers
  • Strategy Development for SDRs
  • Proposals that Win Deals

Other Benefits Includes:

  • Access to our diverse job opportunities for sales people in I.T., financial services, oil and gas etc
  • This is a very great networking opportunity for you as a sales professional
  • One month Post training support
  • Certificate of participation jointly issued by Venture Starter and Sales Ruby
  • Opportunity to work with Bunmi Jembola as coach at 50% discount
  • Lunch and coffee will be served

How much does it costs ?

The Sales Master Class costs N40, 000 per participant.

If you pay early (March 24) you get 25% discount (N10,000) and pay N30,000


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